Why Accu-Cast? 

What indeed is the advantage to using a new and personally owned vendor? Let's look at it from your perspective.

We have yet to establish contacts through industrial representatives; therefore, unlike larger foundries, we pay no sales commissions. Everyone establishing an account before we do will receive the same as a 5% discount for life.

It is well known that the more vendors available within your geographic region, the better quality and more competitive the price of any given service. Using Accu-Cast will not only give you the security of a broader vendor base, but improve competition among all your current aluminum casting suppliers as well.

Accu-Cast is a small enough shop that EVERY order is a big deal to us. This alone allows us to offer the lowest minimum quantities available anywhere, as well as the highest level of quality and customer service.

Accu-Cast is relatively new, thus currently free of any long-standing commitments to large “Mega” customers. No one’s order ever has to be compromised by our “Oldest or Largest” customer. If one day we do have an oldest or largest customer, we truly hope that customer will be you.

We're not the oldest or the biggest, so we simply have to be the best. We know only the finest balance of service, quality, price and reliability, will allow us to reach our goal of becoming your first choice in aluminum sand castings.