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High and medium quality aluminum sand castings, with either shell or CO2 cores. Maximum casting sizes vary depending on shape. Castings that will fit inside a 16 diameter, a 16 square, or an 16" x 20" rectangle, up to 6 high - are approximate maximums.  In general, maximum casting weights of about 20 pounds are the norm, but on low-volume items we can go significantly higher in both casting size and casting weight.


Patterns and Tooling

Although we offer complete tooling and pattern manufacturing to support our own casting business, we do not usually supply patterns and tooling for use elsewhere. However, we are happy to work with any pattern vender you choose, and can subcontract with other pattern shops when necessary to offer our customers the best possible service.


Casting Design Consulting

Quite often customer requirements can benefit from slight modifications to either reduce labor costs, enhance quality or reduce finish machine work. We're always ready to offer suggestions to customers requesting "a foundry man's" perspective on their product.


On site service - We come to you 

Anytime you need us, we make every effort to be on site at your location in less than 24 hours. If you have problems or need service, just give us a call, fax or email. It is our job to make your procurement of quality aluminum castings as easy as possible.


Free Delivery in the Tulsa Metro Area

Orders of any size are delivered free in the Tulsa metro area. Distance negotiable on larger orders. We're also happy to ship via Truck.