Quotation and Pricing Policies -


We believe these practices allow us to offer our customers the most accurate and competitive pricing, without fear of receiving cheap tooling that will soon require maintenance or repair, or prices that are padded for unknown variables like actual casting weights, or fluctuations in metal or heat treat costs and alike.

Two year price guarantee on new jobs if at all possible.

We make every effort to guarantee prices on new jobs for at least two years, with the exception of metal and heat treat costs. Since we donít supply metal or heat treating, their costs are beyond our control. Although we must reserve the right to do so in the event of unforeseen circumstances, we have yet to break this policy in the history of the company.

Quotations are based on a specific weight.

All quotations are based on a specific weight for the finished casting, either furnished by the customerís documentation, or our own estimates if necessary. Actual casting price will be adjusted to the measured weight of the finished casting on your first order. If desired, the estimated weight for each casting will be supplied with your quotation, if not specified by your specifications.

Casting prices are subject to change with actual metal and heat treating costs only.

Casting prices and quotations will be adjusted based on actual metal and heat treating costs at the time of each order or quote, based on our actual costs at that time. Although we donít usually adjust for just a couple of cents a pound, it depends on your casting weight and quantity. Proof of purchase of costs are cheerfully supplied upon request. Metal and heat treating costs are passed along to the customer without markup, and historically only applied once a year when necessary.

We quote first class tooling.

Unless requested, we do not quote low cost pattern equipment. We supply quality tooling that will assure years of trouble-free service based on your stated annual usage. If cheaper tooling is requested, we will be happy to discuss options for your specific needs.

Minimum order quantities.

All casting prices are based on a minimum order quantity. Orders that do not meet or exceed this quantity are subject to additional pricing for set up. This is especially important with orders requiring unusual alloys, heat treat or machining. The minimum order quantity, or economic order quantity is usually stated with each quote or supplied upon request.