About Us -

Accu-Cast is the re-opening of a small pattern and foundry closed during the recession of the mid 1980s. Founded as a pattern shop in 1978, we supplied pattern and mold equipment to local metal and urethane casting producers. During this time, our need for custom sand castings encouraged us to equip for producing them in house. When we closed in 1986, we had progressed to the verge of offering production aluminum castings as well, but the times were just too difficult in the Tulsa area to launch a new effort. So for the next 15 years I pursued a career as a Systems Analyst for American Airlines.

When my interim career ended with the September 11th reduction in force, I could justify returning to the profession I enjoy most. It is now our goal to offer the best possible value in aluminum sand castings, while pattern and mold making is offered only when needed by our own casting customers. This allows us to focus on our ultimate goal of offering absolutely the finest value in aluminum sand castings available anywhere.

Although the name Accu-Cast was chosen for a number of reasons, the prime is our 1980s era motto: “Quality and Service that’s Right on Target.” Though we do offer premium tolerances upon request, our mission is to provide the Accu-Cast definition of value. To us, value is the proper balance of product quality, dependable service and competitive prices to suit the need of each of the individual products we produce. Because in today’s competitive business climate, nothing else will do.

 Accu-Cast is solely owned and operated by myself, and small enough I can assure personal service on each and every order.

Tom Frey - Owner